Q:  How long can we keep the table for?

A: You are ready to party! Your table reservation is meant as a meeting place for you and your friends to pop some bubbly and get the party started!  Want to continue the celebration and look like a rockstar? Upgrade to bottle service and you can keep your table the rest of the night!


Q: Do we have to buy Bottle Service to get our table?

A: Let’s get this party started! Depending on your package, your GroupToast party may include a table reservation with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Tables are given on a first come, first served basis. Priority is given to bottle service (We highly suggest early arrival).  So, Bottle service isn’t necessary to get your table but it will let you have the table longer (and it’ll certainly make other party-goers green with envy!)


Q: What’s the latest we can arrive and still get in free and claim our table and Bottle of Champagne?

A: Party time! Can’t be late!  Our parties range from FREE before 11pm to FREE all night!  Tables are given on a first come first served basis. Priority is given to bottle service (We suggest early arrival).  Not everyone in your group may have a seat available.  Check out your party package for details and let your friends know you are hooking them up for free cover and a glass of bubbly!


Q: Do I have to be there to claim my table? My guests are arriving before me.

A: Only the celebrant can check in to claim the table. Keep in mind that bottle service is given priority so don’t be late and lose your table! Cheers!


Q: If I don’t open my champagne bottle at the club can I take it home?

A: Forgot to drink your bubbly?  The party must go on but, not on the road. Let your server know and we’ll be sure to serve you!


Q: How much are Bottles? Any specials on Bottles? Can you send me a menu?

A: Party VIP style with bottle service! Our venues offer a variety of bottle and drink specials. Email us at celebration@v5group.com and we’ll be happy to give you the 411!

Q: Can you extend the free entrance time for us?

A: We offer the best party packages for the best person, You! Take full advantage of the party package offered and arrive on time so that you and your crew can get your free cover and the rest of your party perks!


Q: I have been waiting in line now my free entrance is over , they were slow at the door.

A: See question above.


Q: What happens if more guests show up than expected?

A: Unexpected guests? No problem! Our V5 staff have your name at the door so those last minute attendees will get your birthday deal!


Q: Do I need to provide you with a guest list? Or can the guests just mention my name at the door when they arrive?

A: Our V5 staff have your name at the door so all of your guests will get your birthday deal just by mentioning your name! If they have their printed or text invite, that’s cool too.


Q: Will we have to wait in line?

A: The best time of your life awaits inside! But wait, everyone in your party must get their ID checked so yes, a short wait is involved.  Have no worries, we’ll have you celebrating in a jiffy!


Q: I’m turning 21 at Midnight, can I still celebrate with you this Saturday and what time can I arrive?

A: The Big 2-1! It’s an exciting time but, you will need to officially be 21 years old to enter the nightclub. Once the clock strikes midnight, the velvet ropes magically open!


Q: Does everyone in our group have to arrive together?

A: Guests running late? No problem! Your guests can simply show their text, invitation or simply state your name and our door staff will be happy to check them into your party!


Q: Does everyone attending the Birthday have to be 21?

A: Some of our clubs allow entry to those 18 and over but here’s the catch: You have to be 21 and over to consume any alcohol.  Be sure to read the details on the club you chose to ensure everyone in your party can enter and join the celebration!


Q: What do we say when we arrive at the door. What do we do? Who’s our contact person?

A: You’re almost there! When you arrive, please check in with the guest list person letting them know you have arrived. After being greeted by the birthday host, please provide them a copy of your confirmation letter so you may be seated. You’re at the hottest club in the city so remember to arrive early!

Q: Can I change the time of use for my guests’ drink tickets?

A: We offer the best party packages for the best person, You! Take full advantage of the party package offered and arrive on time so that you and your crew can get your free drinks and the rest of your party perks!


Q: I have been waiting in line, and the time for free drinks is over. I was here.

A: We pride ourselves in offering the best party packages in town!  Sometimes we get quite a few parties at once and we work hard to get everyone checked in.  Be sure to arrive early so that you and your crew can get your free drinks and the rest of your party perks!

Q: Do you create an invite or evite for my party?


A: 1 is the lonliest number. Invite all of your friends!  We will create a special, customized invitations so you can share party details with your guests through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and/or e-mail.


Q: Can you email me or text me a confirmation so I can pass all of the information along to my guests?

A: So you booked your party, what’s next?  We will send you an email confirmation to the address provided with all of the information you need to share with your friends. Invitations, table information, club info, dress code etc. We have you covered!

Q: What’s the latest I can book a party?


A: We’d love to give you the best party ever AND we also want to give you the best possible service!  Please allow us a 24 hour notice so that we can send you your invites and all the information you need for your bash!


Q:  Can I bring my own cake and balloons?


A: You really want to make a splash at your party!  Most of our clubs allow a small cake (sorry silverware not included) and balloons.  Call us at (312) 276-5454 just to double check if your club can accommodate such request.



Q: Can we bring food?


A: All that dancing can work up an appetite! Enjoy a nice dinner before partying it up… You won’t find any late night bites at the bar.


Q: Can I add a birthday person to my reservation?


A: The more the merrier! Celebrating with a friend or relative? Let us know and we’ll add the name to your party!


Q: The birthday person does not know we are doing this, it is a surprise.

A: Shh! It’s a Surprise! Simply provide us the email address of the person you would like us to send the confirmation and invite information to and you’re all set!  The birthday boy/girl won’t know until you check in at the door!

Q: Can I have directions to the Nightclub? Where exactly are you located?


A: You are all dressed and ready to go! Your email with the invitation information has all of the information you need, including the address to your nightlcub. See you there!


Q: What’s the dress code? (Always a tricky question) Shoes? Jeans?


A: Hey! It’s your birthday so encourage your friends to dress up for this SPECIAL OCCASION!   They should go all out and take out that special outfit they wore to the Grammys! Each guest must abide by our dress code to enter (no baggy attire, no sports attire, no boots, clothing with letters or logos, no baseball caps. Jeans are ok as long as they are very clubby) Door Staff and security have the right to decline entry to you and or your guests if you do not meet dress code. In other words, Dress To Impress!


Q: What kind of music do you play on the night I’m having my party?


A: Our world-class Dj are masters at getting the party started!  Call one of our Birthday Specialists at (312) 276-5454 and they’ll be happy to give you the 411 on all of our clubs and DJ’s!


Q: What’s the parking situation like? Valet? How much?


A: Street parking can be quite difficult and a hassle to find but, our clubs offer valet services!  Prices range from $10 – $12 per vehicle.  A bit of peace of mind when you’re in the club dancing the night away!


Q: What time do you open? Close?


A: V5 clubs open at 10pm and usually close at 4am on Fridays and 5am on Saturdays.  Bring your dancing shoes because it’s going to be a long night!



Q: Do you have coat check?


A: Coat check is only open seasonally. It may not be a good idea to bring your winter coat in the summer!


Q: I lost  something who can I call?


A: Give us a call at (312) 276-5454  and we can guide you in the right direction.


Q: I was overcharged at the club.  Who can I talk to?

A: Call us at (312) 276-5454 and ask for a V5 manager.  We’ll work with you and find a solution. We’re here to help!


Q: Who can I talk to about my experience?

A: Had the BEST time of your life? How can we improve? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Call us at (312) 276-5454 and ask for a V5 manager. Let us know how we did!


Q: We are from out of town what is the closest hotel?

A: We love our friends from near and far! Give us a call at (312) 276-5454 and we can help you find what you need.


Q: Can you recommend a Limo or Party Bus company?

A: Party like a true VIP! We offer an exceptional  party bus service!  Need more information? Call us at (312) 276-5454 and we’ll get you on the road to the party of your dreams!


Q: Who can I talk to about a refund?

A: We strive to make your celebration a memorable one! We’ll be more than happy to help you with any requests. Just call us at (312) 276-5454.


Q: What are acceptable forms of ID?

A: It is important that you bring an ID with you to allow you inside the club. Any valid, unexpired government issued IDs are acceptable. This includes, state ID’s, driver’s license, consulate issued ID’s (matricula) or a passport. Sorry no firearms owner, school ID’s or library cards.

Cant find your answer here? Ask us at info@livescene.me